General Terms & Conditions

General provisions

1.1 Glotrade (registered office: Bulevar Zorana Djindjića 45ž, RS-11070 Beograd - Novi Beograd) central email address:; hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) operates the database.

1.2 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) contain the general terms and conditions for the use of the prepaid service provided by the Service Provider as set out in section 1.5 of these GTC and the rights and obligations of the contracting parties when using the prepaid service. These GTC apply to the Service Provider as well as to the customers who conclude a contract with the Service Provider for the use of the prepaid service provided by the Service Provider. The legal relationship between Service Provider and Customer shall not be subject to the Customer's general terms and conditions or similar documents, if any. Service Provider. The Service Provider shall make the GTC available to the Customer in such a way that allows them to print them.

1.3 A customer of the Provider is any person who pays the Provider the fee to access the Provider’s Prepaid Service (hereinafter the "Customer"). The Customer has a Journal Number, as specified on the first page, which also acts as a LOGIN. Using that number, the Customer can access our entire database after paying the Fee. The database provided by GLOTRADE sro (d.o.o.) is available for downloading at the web address The Customer is enabled, within the framework of the search function in the database, to use the results to track similarities in the “US-TRADEMARK” and identify infringements of its own trademark or trademarks and assert claims against persons who benefit from those trademarks or pre-empt such infringements.

1.4 A database for the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the "GTC") means the Provider’s operated integrated set of generally available information, arranged into categories, that permits the Customer after paying the Fee to gain access to the Prepaid Service, while the Provider guarantees its functionality (hereinafter the "Database").

1.5 For the purposes of these GTC, Prepaid Service means access to the paid sections of the Database under the current service offered by the Provider published on through the Provider system after payment of the Fee, and in the prepaid period during an unlimited time period (hereinafter "Prepaid Services").

1.6 Fee for the purposes of these GTC means the amount the Customer pays the Provider for access to the Prepaid Service for a limited period and according to the current offer the Provider sends to Interested Parties (hereinafter the "Fee").

Customer withdrawal from the offer and the order

2.1 An agreement can be reached between the Service Provider and the Customer on the provision of the Prepaid Service: (i) without conclusion of a contract, by submitting the order form available for this purpose on the homepage of the Service Provider, provided this has been confirmed by the Service Provider in writing – within 7 days from dispatch of order – and the Customer has paid the Service Fee specified in the current offer by the Service Provider; the Service Provider is not obliged to enter into a contract, to accept or confirm the order; (ii) with conclusion of a specific contract, provided the Customer has paid the Service Fee specified in the current offer by the Service Provider.

2.2 A poorly or incorrectly filled out order form does not constitute a declaration forming the basis for a conclusion of a contract for the provision of the Prepaid Service. Such order forms do not constitute any obligation for the Service Provider.

2.3 The Customer may withdraw from the contract within 8 days after conclusion of the contract for the provision of the Prepaid Service without giving reasons. The effective date for the contract on the provision of the Prepaid Service is the day on which the Service Fee is paid.

General terms of payment

3.1 The Service Provider shall render the Prepaid Service for the Customer against payment of the Service Fee in accordance with its current offer.

3.2 The Customer has to pay the Service Fee by bank transfer to the bank account designated by the Service Provider. Payment shall be considered as made when the relevant gross amount is credited to the Service Provider's bank account.

Exclusion of liability and miscellaneous terms

4.1 The Service Provider uses the contents of the national, EU and international registers for the compilation of the database "as is" and assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information contained in these registers.

4.2 The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, for loss of profits, loss of business, for loss of business opportunities or cessation of business development resulting from the access to, use or non-usability of, even if the Service Providers could have known of the possibility of such damages or loss.

4.3 The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend, restrict or interrupt the use of the database by the Customer at any time without separate notice at its sole discretion, especially, but not exclusively, if the use of the database by the Customer is aimed at unlawful purposes.

Termination and cancellation

5.1 The contract on the provision of the Prepaid Service shall automatically end upon expiry of the fixedperiod of one year and cannot be cancelled by ordinary termination.

5.2 Each of the parties is entitled to terminate the contract for provision of the Prepaid Service with immediate effect in the case of a breach by the other party. Before immediate termination of the contract for the provision of the Prepaid Service, the contracting party is required to give the other contracting party a reasonable period of time for taking corrective actions of the defaults which constitute reason for the termination (as far as they can be remedied ). Any circumstance which makes further cooperation with the other contracting party unacceptable is considered a valid reason for termination.


6.1 In particular, all information or documents and other data carriers of the contracting parties, which were classified confidential by the parties concerned in writing or otherwise or whose confidential nature results from the nature of the relevant information, documents or data carrier, including the business secrets of the contracting parties, is considered confidential information.

6.2 Both parties are committed to the confidential treatment of all confidential information and documents. They have to make sure that unauthorised persons do not have access to confidential information. The duty of confidentiality of the contracting parties does not end, even after the cancellation or termination of the individual contract, irrespective of the reason thereof.

Applicable law legal disputes

7.1 These GTC and the individual contracts are subject to law.

7.2 The parties shall attempt to settle controversial issues relating to these GTC or the contract for the provision of the Prepaid Service through negotiations, initially out of court. Should these negotiations be unsuccessful, the parties may apply to the court having jurisdiction over the registered office of the Service Provider within 30 days after the start of the negociations. These Terms and Conditions shall come into force on 01.11.2017.

Data protection

8.1 The privacy policy of the Service Provider for the homepage is available under the link Privacy Policy &   Cookies Policy.