Jun 2020

Have you ever wondered what makes the youngest millionaires tick? In our world today, we have seen tons of youngsters achieve what others can only dream of, and we often wonder how is it that they have done so well in their lives, and at such a young age. How can somebody so young have such incredible success?
There are literally 100’s of reasons why the ultra successful have become so. Always focusing on the positive, surrounding yourself with exceptional people, getting a good nights sleep, never losing focus and unforgiving dedication are just some of the characteristics of those who have achieved meteoric success today.
Having said that, I believe the younger generations of the ultra successful have learned from their older counterparts and have been given the opportunity to take the above traits several steps further. In many cases, those younger generations have thrived and have built astonishing empires for themselves.
Let’s go through some of the dominant characteristics of those exceptional individuals.

1. Sense of Urgency
The youngest millionaires in the world today have a great need to get things done in the most efficient manner possible. They have so many tasks to complete on a daily basis and they have no interest in taking their time.
There is absolutely no need in waiting for the perfect opportunity in any situation, because if it ever comes around, which it probably will not, you will have wasted so much time waiting.
We have to realize that we can do so much at any given time, all we need is ambition and focus to get the job done. The only thing holding us back is our own ‘perceived’ limits.
Avoid a laid back attitude at all costs. Drive forward. Be ambitious and work harder for what you want each and every day. Have a sense of urgency that amplifies the output of everything you do.

2. Charismatic Persona
How do so many young actors become famous at such a young age? Why does the world love them so much? Well, there are many reasons, but there is one reason for certain.
Charisma is defined as a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Something that many young actors have in excess.
To be charismatic is to be a person others love to be around, to be a person that inspires great work and dedication in those he or she spends time with.
We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives, where we’ve done something great and inadvertently caused those we are around to do something great themselves.
So keep motivating other’s, through being someone that they admire and want to be like. How can you do this? Simply be yourself, have a code of honor, do good deeds, focus on your goals and never, ever give up.

3. Never Trade Time for Money
Something that we are all guilty of is spending countless hours working towards achieving someone else’s goals. We do it every day when we go to work.
While this is true and is essential in our financial survival, we still have quite some time outside of our day to day job that we can spend any way we wish.
While so many of us may go a step further and work overtime for extra cash or get a part-time job on the side, it is essential that we don’t go overboard and let making more money in the short term supersede our own goals.
Young millionaires have realized that time is a more valuable commodity than money, and that it’s more important to spend their time wisely at that will ultimately bring generate more wealth, that simply trading time for money ever would. Always plan ahead, layout your day, and stick to a plan that you have already decided is filled with tasks that will take you further along the path to achieving your goals.

4. Maximize Strenghts
While the jack of all trades approach is certainly a useful trait to possess, nobody on this planet has become super successful through being good at everything.
We must realize that it is incredible to have skills in many areas, however if you truly want to be successful you need to have a specific area of expertise. You need to be fantastic at something, where you achieve a level of expertise that other’s can only dream of.
That is the ticket to your success and what better place to start, but by analyzing what you are already good at i.e. what are your strengths today. Focus on those.
For each strength, find out what you can do to become even better and integrate a plan to work on that strength each and every day. Use it to drive you forward.
After all, you will have far greater levels of motivation and dedication when doing something you are good at.

5. Don’t Worry About What Other’s Think
People who care too much about what those around them think about what they are doing will never achieve the success the desire.
To care so much about others opinions is to limit yourself to their beliefs and not to your own. Tell me, whose opinion is more important when chasing your dreams.. your opinion or somebody else’s?
Young millionaires have developed a thick skin and care little about what people say about them. They pursue a life of goals and achievements and don’t expect nor require support from anyone.
Our very own Steve Jobs led a life just like this.
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life”

6. Produce First, Consume Second
There are countless books, magazines, articles, seminars, people and so on that you may learn from in the world today. It is extremely important that you learn from these resources.
However, it must also be noted that while it is so important to learn from those resources, it is more important to learn from yourself.
Learn from your triumphs and learn from your mistakes. Use what you learned to create your own products, books & successful lifestyle that you dream of.
Learn from some of the best, but don’t spend all your time learning. Find the correct balance that will allow you to gain your own valuable experiences.
Create your own empire, make educated decisions, focus, keep the momentum going and be prepared to learn quickly.

I challenge you to take all these points seriously and take control of your life in everything you do.
There is no better time than the present moment. No matter how great your goals may be, once you begin working towards them you are already far ahead of those who are still only thinking and not acting upon their goals. Work and focus as if there is no tomorrow. The youngest millionaires in our world are just getting started, and so can you.

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